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Tracking wraps up with Shadowgame

After a long day cutting vocals on Monday we wrapped up the tracking for the debut Shadowgame release. Here is behind the scenes snippet whet the appetite!

And here we are feeling fresh after a big day!

Fink – ‘Perfect Darkness’. Get on this. Seriously!

Since highschool, I have never really been much of the type to have headphones strapped to my head walking around listening to tunes. I barely listen to music in the car as I spend so much of my life being pounded by frequencies that ABC radio national is sweet relief after a big session. However since I was turned on to Fink by a friend I have found myself wandering around in the afternoon sun with headphones strapped on, letting his music, and the world, wash over me in a way I haven’t done for years. So thank you Fink – and I hope some of you out there get the same kick out of his songs I did.