Debut albums from Flight For Giants and Shadowgame are underway!

In a massive effort this week Shadowgame and Flight For Giants pooled their combined efforts and members and we hit Head Gap Studios and set out on the epic mission of recording two albums worth of drums and bass in just five days. Thanks to the serious chops these dudes have it was an epic week of beautiful calamity….I can’t wait to get these two records done, top shelf….top shelf indeed.

Laying down a single with Gunn Music Espy Artist Showdown winners – The Cornershop Kids

As part of my supporting the Gunn Music Espy Band Comp, I give a prize to a band/artist of my choosing. The prize is the opportunity to do a single with me for free!

The Corner Shop Kids really caught my interest on stage in the competition, and although we had to wait months before we could get in the studio to do this, they certainly didn’t disappoint me on the day. These guys are going to go a long way!

The Outcome

I just spent a killer week up at Arcadia Sound and Vision tracking a new EP from Coffs Harbour heavyweights, The Outcome. I came straight back to The Alley and mixed the pants off it for a few days and now its getting all dressed up and ready to go out.

Here is a little sneaky the band have put together showing off a track and session shenanigans!

Shadowgame ‘Desire’ reviews are in!

Well done to the Shadowgame boys who have scored some favourable reviews for their debut release ‘Desire’. They are stand up gents and it was a pleasure working with them, always good to see a bit of cred being dealt around after all the hard work a band puts in to producing something to release!

Skyways Are Highways EP release

Melbourne’s Skyways Are Highways have released their debut EP ‘Let Them Run Wild’ today. Produced by Steve James, it was a total blast working with everyone on this record! Check em out!

September 13th 2012

Skyways Are Highways sessions

I just had the pleasure of spending a couple of weeks with Skyways Are Highways and working on their debut EP with producer Steve James. As always it was a complete pleasure and could not have gone smoother! Speaks volumes to good preparation and rehearsal/pre production and also to how much the recording process/quality/organisation contribute to a fast, creative and cranking mix! Check out the gallery of shots taken over the course of the sessions. Keep an ear out for these guys!