Fink – ‘Perfect Darkness’. Get on this. Seriously!

Since highschool, I have never really been much of the type to have headphones strapped to my head walking around listening to tunes. I barely listen to music in the car as I spend so much of my life being pounded by frequencies that ABC radio national is sweet relief after a big session. However since I was turned on to Fink by a friend I have found myself wandering around in the afternoon sun with headphones strapped on, letting his music, and the world, wash over me in a way I haven’t done for years. So thank you Fink – and I hope some of you out there get the same kick out of his songs I did.

Check these dudes out – 12 Stone Toddler

A great band from the UK I would give my left leg to make a record with. Really different rock, great production and groovy as all hell! Their latest release ‘Scheming’ was one of my top favourites from last year. Here is a link to their site, go and give them a thorough going over!

drumming country at head gap

A couple of pics of our session recording drums last week at Head Gap studios. It was a seriously fun day and I had a ball pulling sounds in the amazing space the guys have created there. Nothing better than getting your country on with a great crew!

Adelaide Fringe, delayed flights and Coopers Pale!

Just had a great weekend in Adelaide doing Luke Escombe’s show ‘CHRONIC’ for Adelaide fringe. Sold out shows and the whole city buzzing with action and shows happening left right and centre made for a great first Adelaide experience! I was, at first, dismayed to find out my flight was held up for an hour – but the moment was saved by the realisation I could pass the time and write up this blog post in the Coopers Ale House!!! See you back here in March for another run of CHRONIC shows rAdelaide!