New Podcast! Jack ‘n’ Sam’s Raging Headfest Ep1

Presenting, for your listening pleasure, a new joint venture between Jack The Bear and myself – Jack ‘n’ Sam’s Raging Headfest. It’s just us talking freely about stuff – mostly music related – with special guests and all the great stories they bring. This inaugural episode sees us chatting with the venerable Steve James, producer/engineer extraordinaire, Hope you enjoy!

New clip from Greenthief – ‘Vultures’!

Congrats to Greenthief on the brand-spanking-new clip for the single ‘Vultures’ from the Retribution EP. Fabulously produced and recorded by Steve James – it was a real joy to mix!

Recording and Mixing with Nidji

I am having a real blast this week doing the final recording on, and then mixing a five track release from Indonesian group ‘Nidji’. I have never met a nicer bunch of guys, and with talent to boot! Steve James is back in the studio with me for Nidji, and its been a total pleasure to be working with him as always, and he has taken well to his honorary Indonesian name; Sir Geez-ah, innit.

Mixing Stick To The Shallows with Steve James

Had a blast mixing three tracks with producer Steve James for Melbourne hardcore band ‘Stick To The Shallows’ today. A seriously heavy start to the week! Watch out for these dudes!!

August 19th 2011

New UAD2 Quad – that makes a nice pair!

Dear lovers of DSP,

Just got a new UAD2 QUAD card to add to the grunt department! Now with two UAD2 Quadcore DSP cards in the machine, we have a sickeningly large amount of gorgeous grunt to run obscene numbers of the wonderful digital re-creations of all our fave boxes!

Geeking out hard in the studio today, watching performance meters and being very excited about them!

Mixing with Steve James

It’s been a lot of fun to have Steve back in the studio with me for a couple of weeks mixing the beautiful album he has recorded and produced for Ray Sorenson. Delightful songs and very tasteful playing. A joy to mix!