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New toys!

It has been a little while so an update is in order! I have bought a new toy to get me out of the studio and into recording stuff where ever me and my laptop can get to. The RME Babyface is proving to be an awesome little box of power! Its first real trial under pressure for me will be recording a string quartet in a lovely old church for one of the Shadowgame tracks – exciting!

In other news we have been diligently mixing the rest of the Shadowgame record as each track has had its final touches locked down. It was a pleasure to have a very special guest artist tickle the keys for one of them! Also I spent a day with the Engine Three Seven boys cooking up a little surprise for their fans while they take a break from gigging to write their forthcoming full length album.

July is looking to be an interesting month with a good mix of local and international artists coming to grace the couch at The Alley.

Ciao for now!

August 19th 2011

New UAD2 Quad – that makes a nice pair!

Dear lovers of DSP,

Just got a new UAD2 QUAD card to add to the grunt department! Now with two UAD2 Quadcore DSP cards in the machine, we have a sickeningly large amount of gorgeous grunt to run obscene numbers of the wonderful digital re-creations of all our fave boxes!

Geeking out hard in the studio today, watching performance meters and being very excited about them!