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A new podcast with special guest Jeff Lang

Jeff Lang joins us on the couch for the tenth episode of The Raging Headfest to discuss all things from songwriting process to production techniques, the value of tape to the value placed on music. He also treats us to an impromptu rendition of one of his songs. Tune in for a listen here or follow this link to subscribe via iTunes.

Episode 2 of Jack ‘N’ Sams Raging Headfest – With Mike Callander

Load it up and listen in to Mike Callander joining Jack and I for a chat about everything ranging from the lost art of listening to albums, to the state of indie dance music labels in Oz, the art of dynamic mixing and pressures on modern engineers to get a lot of work done real quickly.

New Podcast! Jack ‘n’ Sam’s Raging Headfest Ep1

Presenting, for your listening pleasure, a new joint venture between Jack The Bear and myself – Jack ‘n’ Sam’s Raging Headfest. It’s just us talking freely about stuff – mostly music related – with special guests and all the great stories they bring. This inaugural episode sees us chatting with the venerable Steve James, producer/engineer extraordinaire, Hope you enjoy!