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Mixing for Jason Delphin

The debut solo album from Gold Coast songsmith Jason Delphin has been mixed and is now in the queue for mastering by the fabulous Adam Dempsey at Deluxe Mastering. Keep an ear out for this great, effortless blend of soul, funk, jazz and rock!

Shadowgame single released!

Work has continued on the forthcoming Shadowgame record, with this month seeing all the guitars finished for the EP. We also managed to finish off and release the first single ‘Restless’ – its a free download so check it out!

The long wait is nearly over…the E37 Live DVD has almost landed!

In big news this week, I finished off a project started back in May with the live recording of a very special Engine Three Seven show for a Live DVD release. At the start of last week after months of chipping away at all the prep and mixing, the mastering has been done. A days work in the studio with the man in charge of the visual side of things (the ever talented Josh Meney from Non Entity Design) saw the whole shebang come together with, well, a bang!
Everyone involved has done an amazing job so keep an eye out for an announcement on this exciting release that really showcases why the momentum just keeps building behind Melbourne rockers Engine Three Seven!

Recording and Mixing with Nidji

I am having a real blast this week doing the final recording on, and then mixing a five track release from Indonesian group ‘Nidji’. I have never met a nicer bunch of guys, and with talent to boot! Steve James is back in the studio with me for Nidji, and its been a total pleasure to be working with him as always, and he has taken well to his honorary Indonesian name; Sir Geez-ah, innit.

Mixing Stick To The Shallows with Steve James

Had a blast mixing three tracks with producer Steve James for Melbourne hardcore band ‘Stick To The Shallows’ today. A seriously heavy start to the week! Watch out for these dudes!!

Mixing with Steve James

It’s been a lot of fun to have Steve back in the studio with me for a couple of weeks mixing the beautiful album he has recorded and produced for Ray Sorenson. Delightful songs and very tasteful playing. A joy to mix!