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Fink – ‘Perfect Darkness’. Get on this. Seriously!

Since highschool, I have never really been much of the type to have headphones strapped to my head walking around listening to tunes. I barely listen to music in the car as I spend so much of my life being pounded by frequencies that ABC radio national is sweet relief after a big session. However since I was turned on to Fink by a friend I have found myself wandering around in the afternoon sun with headphones strapped on, letting his music, and the world, wash over me in a way I haven’t done for years. So thank you Fink – and I hope some of you out there get the same kick out of his songs I did.

Check these dudes out – 12 Stone Toddler

A great band from the UK I would give my left leg to make a record with. Really different rock, great production and groovy as all hell! Their latest release ‘Scheming’ was one of my top favourites from last year. Here is a link to their site, go and give them a thorough going over!