Package Deals

Package Deals for Independent Artists/Bands

For independent bands or artists looking for an end to end solution to make a great record, on the best equipment, with a proven producer at the helm and keep within a strict budget, I am offering these package deals.

Prices and the time required are based off a standard rock four piece line-up of drums, bass, guitar, vocals playing average length songs (3-6 mins each). Other situations and line-ups can vary wildly so if your project doesn’t fit the mould I am more than happy to adapt a package to suit your needs, just get in touch and ask. Similarly if you would like to either record more or less tracks than are included in the packages a deal can be tailored to your project. For example if your project doesn’t have live drums it can work out considerably cheaper and faster.

5 Track EP

2 days drums/band tracking
3 days overdubs and vocals tracking
3 days editing and mixing


10 Track Album

3 days drum/band tracking
6 days overdubs and vocals tracking
6 days editing and mixing


Mixing Only Packages

For those who have already recorded or are doing their own recording, but still want it mixed ‘like a record’.

1-2 tracks @ $350 per track
3-7 tracks @ $325 per track
8+ tracks @ $300 per track

For more information please contact me directly.